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Safety features and equipment
This is the perfect addition to human competence. Technology as well as
criminal energies are always developing. The increasing technical knowledge
of Criminals makes it easier to overcome security systems in companies, buildings and houses. This causes high damages for the operators and
owners. Basically, many of the safety features are quite adequate but they
simply have not been adjusted to the latest criminological knowledges.
In many cases it would be enough to just exchange one or two components
to get the maximum of protection. Our technical staff will advise you on all
technical problems and, if requested, analyse the technical situation on your location. Based on the results, we will submit an individual offer to avoid more damages or to help to frighten off future offenders.

Our service:
Safety features and equipment
- Planning and realisation, support and maintenance of
   burglar and fire alarm systems
- Video control
- Access control technologies
- Social alarm systems and elevator alarm systems
- Analysis and security check including detailed records
ForSec Security e.K. (registered merchant)
Owner: Walter Fortmühler

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