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Security is a question of trust. We want to strengthen your confidence in our work with every order you will place with us.

Our long-term employees and consultants are trained regularly on subjects like development and events on technical items, society and culture, sports and even politics. A neat appearance, foreign languages, physical fitness and psychological knowledges to deal with critical situations are also requested.

Our services are:

Personal Security
Defence and prevention of dangerous situations
Surrounding intelligence before/during services
Forewarned is forearmed – surrounding intelligence helps to
realise danger and to avoid it.
Event Security / Security for concerts and other events
We take care for a smooth run either in uniforms or in plain clothes
Gate and reception services (concierge)
Property protection
Premises, shopping centres, car park control
Department store detectives
Test shopping
We check your staff nationwide
Security analysis and consulting

Fire safety engineer
ForSec Security e.K. (registered merchant)
Owner: Walter Fortmühler

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